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Alvia Turney, CEO of Act 4 Tomorrow, is a Separations Specialist.

Engaging, Motivating, Humorous, Inspiring

Alvia Turney is a well-known speaker on the Sunshine Coast. She embodies all of the above and delivers engaging presentations on what can be a sensitive and emotional subject. She will bring humour and have you laughing, engaging the audience and leaving them wanting more.

Alvia’s ability to connect with her audience with her interactive presentations enables her to share her own personal experience, giving people an insight into a woman who has faced adversity and blazed through to the other side. To know Alvia now, it is hard to believe that she was a woman with no sense of self. Not even being able to make the simplest decision for herself. You will be inspired to hear her story.Alvia will share powerful messages and information on the ‘separation and divorce industry’ as we know it, and the ground-breaking work of Act4Tomorrow which is giving couples a better way to separate and is pioneering the movement to changing the face of the separation industry. Her passion is to save individuals and their families the destructive impact legal battles and the high costs associated has on them and the whole family during a relationship separation.

Having presented to companies and organisations from the Sunshine Coast to Brisbane, Alvia offers talks on a series of topics and can also custom her presentation to suit her audience.Thank You, Sorry, Please – The art of getting what you want in any situation.

A New Way to Separate – Alvia shares her discovery on avoiding messy break-ups and the high costs associated.

Negotiation & Conflict Resolution – Bringing a fun and light-hearted approach to share with you artful and effective tools to assist you to achieve positive results for all parties.

How to get the ‘La La’ back in your relationship.

‘Life is an Orange’ – who are you, and who suits you?

You and your staff/members can benefit in a number of ways as Alvia…..

  • Delivers the knowledge and tools in a fun and interactive session to enable your staff to support their customers more effectively.
  • Offers the education and insight to assist if your staff are personally, or someone they care about, is going through a separation or breakup.
  • Shares years of experience in the art of negotiation.

Regardless of the subject matter, be assured that everyone will walk away with vital knowledge and tools to share.

To book Alvia for your next event contact us on 1300 Act4Tom (1300 228486) or register your enquiry via email at

To read more about Alvia’s story visit.

Guest Speaker Testimonials

“Our firm has been fortunate to work alongside Act 4 Tomorrow Separations Specialists to assist their clients to finalise their separation/divorce, when lawyers have been required.  We also often refer clients to Act 4 Tomorrow who we believe will be better suited to assist them.

In order for our whole team to understand their services, Alvia recently came and spoke to us, explaining in detail, her life experience (divorce etc) and how her passion, which has been fuelled by personal experience, is changing people’s lives.

Alvia and her team are friendly, concerned, diligent and will work with you and your partner every step of the way. Separation and divorces are a stressful and emotional time in anyone’s life. However, Act4Tomorrow have the skills and experience to guide and support you in reaching an amicable, low cost and expeditious outcome.

Whether you and your partner are just going through a rough patch or things are unrecoverable, Act4Tomorrow are the people to talk to…give them a call today.

I would also like to suggest to any company, it would be worth inviting Act4Tomorrow to speak at one of your meetings, you would be helping your clients or even a staff member separate ‘amicably’.”

 Amanda Flanagan
Office Manager
Griffiths Parry Lawyers + Notary

“Thank you Alvia for taking the time to come and speak to us at ATOM Accounting & Taxation, it was certainly enlightening and informative to understand your services, and how they differ from the traditional lengthy and expensive court and solicitor route.

We see a lot of our clients go through separation and it always ends up being a mess and a costly exercise and at the end of the day no one really wins other than the solicitors.  I have had some close friends also go through the angst of a separation and I wish I could have referred them to you had I known about your services that you offer earlier.

Since you came to our office and spoke, we have already passed on your details to a few of our clients and I hope that they contacted you for assistance.

I personally didn’t know that you could do the negotiation and stop all the resentment and stress which makes separating difficult, which is why the service you offer is fantastic.

We will certainly pass on your details to any clients that we think could use your services, and once again thank you for your presentation.”

Kevin Scambler
ATOM Accounting & Taxation

“The presentation that Alvia Turney delivered to our team gave everyone food for thought regarding the Separation Industry as well as how her entrepreneurial business came to be.
Alvia shows genuine empathy for her clients and speaks with passion and self-drive, and as a speaker she is quite inspirational. You and your staff will gain something positive after listening to her speak.
We often assist Act4Tomorrow’s clients with their refinancing needs and we would have no hesitation in recommending their service, as Alvia and her team are dedicated to providing the same high standard of service to their clients as we are.”

Wayne Spindler
Senior Home Finance Broker
Fox Finance Group

“As a local bank that prides itself on our personal relationships, we are hesitant to refer our customers unless we are certain they will receive the best possible care. We have absolute confidence in Alvia and her team at Act4Tomorrow and will readily recommend their services whenever we have the opportunity. For anyone experiencing this highly stressful Life Stage, I am certain that they can come out the other side in the best possible position with Alvia’s help.

As a manager, I would recommend any company to have Alvia as a guest speaker, you never know if one of your staff maybe in need of separation assistance and is struggling in silence or one of your clients. Alvia’s presentation is both enlightening as well as entertaining.” 

Steve Clarke
Branch Manager

BOQ Caloundra

“The presentation that Alvia Turney & Julie Gabrielson from Act4Tomorrow kindly delivered to our team at McGrath Noosa was so informative and well presented.

Alvia spoke with such passion and genuine compassion for those who go through separation. Any client would see that was evident and that she really had their best interests at heart, rather than it being a business transaction. It was a refreshing to know that Act4Tomorrow exists, as real estate professionals we come across difficult situations with marital/relationship breakdown that can be detrimental to the sale of a home.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Act4Tomorrow, Alvia and her team to our clients.”

Matt Powe
McGrath Estate Agents
Cairns | Noosa

“I just thought I would take the time to pass on some feedback for Act4Tomorrow and the presentation that Alvia Turney kindly delivered to the McGrath Estate Agent Buderim/Mooloolaba team.

From the moment Alvia started to speak she had a genuine authenticity and this was clearly evidenced in the empathy and consideration shown when discussing how she deals with her clients. For someone to be able to connect with people that are high on emotion and wanting to find closure, Alvia’s calm demeanor and ability to relate resonated with all the Sales Agents. It was a refreshing approach for us, as real estate professionals to be able to reflect and re-assess how we interact with clients that are going through a marital/relationship breakdown.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Act4Tomorrow, Alvia and her team to our clients. I would also encourage any real estate agency or financial institution who encounter clients going through separation to invite Alvia to meet your team and share her business concept with you. You won’t regret it.”

Andrew Cairns
Sales Manager
McGrath Real Estate Buderim/Mooloolaba

“We found Alvia’s presentation on Act4Tomorrow’s services highly informative and beneficial for our staff and clients. Being in the financial services industry, we see firsthand how separation can be a highly costly exercise. However, it is now apparent this need not be the case for an equitable settlement. We would have no hesitation in referring friends and clients to Act4Tomorrow.

If you company is seeking a guest speaker for your team, look no further.”

Mark Davidson
Ord Minnett

“Alvia’s recent presentation to my business group was very informative and received great feedback from all that were present. Her story is one that many can relate to and her passion for helping people shines through. It was very informative and entertaining, and provided great insight into an area that can be very confusing for many people.

I would highly recommend Alvia as a guest speaker to any company wishing to educate their staff in this area and improve existing skill sets. The information provided could also benefit our clients.”

Jon Colley
Loan Wize

“Alvia recently presented to our team at BDO. Hearing Alvia’s story and how that has led her to create Act4Tomorrow is inspiring.  Alvia’s presentation was informative and thought provoking as our team learnt valuable information about the process involved in going through a relationship separation and the benefits of working with Act4Tomorrow. As a presenter Alvia takes what is a very serious subject and delivers the information in a funny and light-hearted way. I would highly recommend engaging Alvia as a guest speaker for anyone’s company.”

Michelle Sutherland
BDO Maroochydore

“Alvia’s presentation to members of the Maroochydore Chamber of Commerce provided participants with a communication model, developed by herself, which she calls the Teaspoon (TSP). This great tool is used to help people achieve their aims and reduce conflict in all relationships. Whether used in one’s home life with partners and children or in the work place with colleagues or clients, her technique provides a simple yet highly effective strategy which is easy to remember and implement.  Alvia’s ability to contextualise the model using stories from her own experience provided the attendees with practical examples of how to use TSP effectively. It’s also amusing and fun to listen to. Feedback from participants has been very positive and we have no hesitation recommending Alvia as a guest speaker or facilitator.”

Tracey Schultz
Maroochydore Chamber of Commerce