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Our clients are comfortable to talk to you

Some of our current clients and past clients are comfortable to talk with you about how our service can assist you and what they have received by using Act4Tomorrow. If you would like to utilise this opportunity please contact us.

I Am Very Fortunate

I would like to express my most heartfelt gratitude for the astounding life changing results I have achieved and continue to achieve as a result of the programme I experienced with Act4Tomorrow.They suited my personality because sometimes I need to have a flashlight to see what is going on in the depths of me. They were professional, confident, warm and sensitive as well as very switched on in getting to the core of what was holding me back and even more on sharing insights for me to see how I could identify choices to take action for my path forward. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Act4Tomorrow for the guidance and unwavering support and the safe environment they provided. I strongly recommend Act4Tomorrow’s separation services to anyone who is curious to explore what else life has to offer. With love & gratitude.

Dark and Lonely Place

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance in guiding me through a “Dark and Lonely” place. When I was first given your name by my GP I thought “Most likely a waste of time but what have I got to lose?” Boy! was I wrong, after our first meeting I walked away feeling so much better and convinced I had met someone who could help. Your genuine interest in my problem and the friendly way you approached me as a friend rather than a client made me relaxed. I stopped running around in my mind like a headless chook and was better able to think for myself after taking on board your input. As a person who in a professional role guided others I seemed unable to do the same for myself but you helped to point me in the correct direction. Again I thank you and please feel free to use this letter anyway you may wish to encourage others to follow my footsteps and use your service.

I Was Stuck in a Cycle

I worked with Act4Tomorrow regularly for several months. During the separation sessions, it became apparent that I had a disabling pattern with respect to intimate relationships. I was stuck in a cycle of entering into long term relationships with the wrong men. My pattern was to establish a long term relationship, despite knowing that the key values I was seeking in a partner were not evident during the dating phase. I would persevere due to a belief that I had to “give it a go” and try and make it work. I also didn’t want to hurt their feelings by rejecting them which created an abundance of guilt and fear within, leaving me feeling helpless to escape. Act4Tomorrow assisted me to be clear about the values and qualities I was seeking in a partnership. They also helped me to discover strategies to decline future dates at the moment I realised there was not going to be a fulfilling future for me.

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