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What our clients say

Our clients are comfortable to talk to you

Some of our current clients and past clients are comfortable to talk with you about how our service can assist you and what they have received by using Act4Tomorrow. If you would like to utilise this opportunity please contact us.

I recommend Act4Tomorrow to everyone

I have been receiving assistance from Act4Tomorrow for the past few months and have found it very successful and rewarding. It has made me feel in control of all the issues and when we developed a plan, which once in place, made it much easier to see a positive outcome in the future. It made my thought pattern clearer and made many of the self-made issues disappear. I would suggest that everyone should use Act4Tomorrow to assist them with the thoughts and decisions in their life. I am continuing to have more sessions with Alvia to ensure I keep on this path of making the correct decisions for a much happier and issue free life.

Wow, How My Life has Changed!

Wow, how my life has changed, thanks to Alvia Turney and her You Program. Before my sessions with Alvia, my life was a mess. My marriage had broken down after over 30 years together, I had been working in Government for over 35 years and lost my position because of a restructure and I was recovering from a serious breakdown. I lacked self-confidence and was in both financial and emotional turmoil. I felt like I was drowning and could see no clear path towards achieving some semblance of a normal life again. Together Alvia and I developed a plan of attack to get my life back on track. She helped me put things in perspective, prioritised tasks & goals for myself, empowered me with a renewed belief in myself and my abilities. My life is back on track – I have attainable goals, I’m smiling again, I feel in control of my future and it shows lots of promise. Alvia has been so supportive, friendly, sensitive to my feelings, knowledgeable in lots of areas, enthusiastic and motivating. She is a beautiful person both inside and out. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Helpful and at the Same Time Practical

Being assisted by Act4Tomorrow has been so helpful and at the same time practical. I loved walking away from each session with an action plan and being stretched to really look at myself in a different light. Their direct mentoring has the best interest of the client at heart. She listens and really hears what is not being said. I felt comfortable from the word go and would highly recommend her services to anyone seeking clarity, direction and to feel fantastic about themselves. Thank you, you have played a big part in my mental well-being and helping me build awesome relationships with myself and those that I love.

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