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Some of our current clients and past clients are comfortable to talk with you about how our service can assist you and what they have received by using Act4Tomorrow. If you would like to utilise this opportunity please contact us.

Good News

You know when you are just plain fed up with lawyers charging you the earth to give you advice which turns out in the end to amount to a hill of beans and isn’t worth the paper it is written on! All you have done is spent thousands of dollars and you think… There has to be another way! Good news…there is!! There’s Act4Tomorrow. I’ve been down the lawyer road and feel I was misrepresented, actions not followed through and over charged and still ended up with less than satisfactory results and having been verbally insulted by my own lawyer! But…I’ve also been down the road of using Act4Tomorrow for 6 months and the results are far different, far better, more manageable, less stressful and they actually care about how I am supposed to live daily life in a manageable way with my children and ex – despite having gone through divorce. Act4Tomorrow are all about quality of life through the most challenging time in your life! Thank you Act4Tomorrow for giving me life during and after divorce!

A Plan I Could Put into Action

Having Act4Tomorrow’s support and separation knowledge the program helped me make a clear decision that put me on the right path for me. The programme helped me work out a plan I could put into action. Even though there would be obstacles to overcome, through our meetings and the program she set for me I realised that in time these obstacles were worked through to get the results I desired. I now live the life I choose and feel fantastic. My heart is full of happiness and joy once again.

If Only I’d Discovered Act4Tomorrow Two Years Ago

It had been two years since heading down the roller coaster path of a messy and complicated divorce settlement. The whole experience had left me feeling depressed, powerless and defeated. Almost tempted to throw in the towel, a friend recommended I spend an hour or two with Alvia before I made any further decisions. I had employed the best accountant and lawyer on the Coast and paid handsomely for advice that lead me nowhere and cost me thousands. My situation had not progressed at all! I sat for just a couple of hours with Alvia amidst an ocean backdrop over coffee and within that time my future was transformed. Without convoluted jargon and impossible demands she guided me through a process that helped me clarify my torturous present and plan a new, exciting future. I left her feeling elated and excited, clutching a simple diagram with easy steps that solved all my dilemmas. I was impressed by her empathetic but methodical approach to a complicated story. Using her own life experience and impressive separation knowledge she cut to the chase and helped me navigate through my tangled web. I left her with a new sense of optimism and a simple plan that no legal professional could ever have provided. My new approach has led to an astounding outcome. Having overcome this major obstacle my whole approach to life and business has transformed. I am happier and more productive now that I know what to do. If only I’d met Alvia two years ago. Thank you so much for your time and expertise.

Get on with your life, put your separation and divorce behind you.

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