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At different stages in life, we all need some clarity on who we truly are. Our You Programme is all about you and designed to help you come to know and understand your self better.

We will help you understand who you think you are, and explore your personality traits, habits and patterns of behavior. Once you know you, you are better placed to make plans for a really positive future, choose positive friends and environments which best suits you.

time frame

4 x 1 hour sessions one/one personal consultation, plus a telephone follow-up on alternate weeks. Can be spread over 2 months.


You will have an awareness and openness regarding trying new things and working on or changing your life and you will understand why you have behaved in certain ways and had the relationship results you have (personally as well as professionally).

If you are considering finding a new partner you will evaluate your past relationships and take a deeper look at your past choices. You will discover who best suits you now and how to have a relationship which compliments your beliefs, values and create boundaries for positive future relationships.

The You Programme includes:

  • Your own Relationship Specialist who will work one/one.
  • Self -discovering your personality (the private one).
  • Looking at your patterns of behaviour.
  • Past relationships with family, friends and relationship partner
  • How you fit into the world and why you have patterns of behaviour
  • Who have been your past relationship partners
  • What your ideal partner looks like
  • What qualities do you have to compliment a partner?
  • What kind of relationship best suits you?
  • Setting boundaries in relationships past and new
  • Implementing and planning your new life – goals and dreams

In our experience our clients gained a sense of empowerment. They felt that their new awareness about themselves gave them the ability to avoid negative past patterns of behavior, resulting in a feeling of taking back control.

Our clients say they feel more empowered and confident in creating exciting new outcomes.


  • Culture
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Personality
  • Looks
  • Morals and Beliefs
  • Energy
  • Religion
  • Work
  • Sex Drive
  • Finance
  • Dreams, Wishes and Desires

For a deeper understanding of who you are and how you can move forward in life to achieve your dreams and goals, talk to us today about the You Programme could be able to help you.