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With Act 4 Tomorrow, there is a better way to separate after the breakdown of your marriage or defacto relationship. Our Separation & Divorce Service is a step-by-step managed process to help you, either as an individual and or as a couple, to work through your break-up until your financial separation is completed.

Our unique service has been designed to minimise the high financial and emotional costs of separation, by giving you the information you need to know FAST and assisting you with all aspects of the separation, so that you can get on with living the life you want as quickly and easily as possible.


Time Frame

We like to see your matter concluded within 4 months of service.
If you are a couple who already have a settlement in mind you could see your matter resolved in 4 weeks.

A relationship separation is a major life event that impacts all aspects of your life, as well as your partner’s and your family’s. Decisions you make now around your separation are important and will having long-lasting repercussions for your future.

Not knowing what to do, feeling vulnerable, scared and worried about high costs and your financial future are common during this time.

The feeling of utter pain, devastation and loss, which is often felt, is truly unknown until it happens to you.

At Act 4 Tomorrow, we know there’s a better way to separate. Our Separation & Divorce Service provides consultation and management of every step of your separation, from the break-up itself to healthy communications, fair negotiations and equitable settlements, so that you don’t have to go through this alone and you can avoid the stress and high costs of unnecessarily having to go to court.

We will help you to be prepared prior to the break up and help you handle how best to end your relationship in a respectful manner.

We will provide you with all information and education you need about the separation process, which will help you make clear, rational and realistic decisions.

We will be with you every step of the way to reduce your fear, emotional overwhelm and provide guidance on what are the next steps to reach your Financial Separation and Private Parenting Plan (if necessary).

At the end of this service, your next step would be to consider applying for your application for Divorce.

Our Separation & Divorce Service includes:

  • Your own personal, dedicated Separation Specialist.
  • Keeping you and your separation on track.
  • Weekly catch up sessions by phone or email.
  • One on one personal consultation monitoring current situation when necessary.
  • Practical solutions to what is happening right now, problems and paths for the future.

We endeavor to have your matter concluded within a four month time frame, however this is subject to you and your ex-partner. If your matter is unresolved by this date we will continue to work with you on a month by month basis.

There are no hidden costs or extras above our fixed flat fee, and all phone calls, emails and text communications are included.

The Break-up Process

  • Plan of action, language used in best practice break up, practical steps to carry through ending of the relationship (including what to say, when and how, who to inform i.e. children and other family members).
  • Constructing response material for emails and text messages to ex-partner.
  • Diffuse antagonistic situations by establishing polite, respectful and positive communications between parties.
  • Continuous assistance with contact to ex-partner text, calls, email following positive communication strategy method.

Legal Advice

  • We have our own collaborative independent solicitors to provide you with your legal advice. We are also comfortable to work with your own choice of solicitor if you prefer.
  • Facilitate and gather relevant information for presentation to your solicitor.
  • Attend your legal appointment as a support person.


  • Work with you on your decision of a financial settlement, once you have received your legal advice.
  • Assist with presenting and negotiating your offer between you and your ex-partner.
  • Preparing, negotiating and implementing private parenting plan.


  • What to tell your partner, family, friends and children
  • Communication back and forth between parties
  • Keeping a positive mindset, outcome focused, creating a picture of long term outcome
  • Help with decision making and practical actions – strategy and implementation
  • Security of passwords and pins
  • Grief, fears, and overcoming anger, guilt and sadness
  • Overwhelm, how to control negative thoughts on “What if’s”
  • Interim residency – separating under the one roof
  • Interim financial arrangement – until agreed financial settlement is finalised
  • Interim parenting plan – until agreed financial settlement

Outcome / Resolution

  • Continued liaison with solicitor to facilitate the offer.
  • Liaison with solicitor until Consent or BFA sealed.
  • Parenting logistics (private plan) and communication back and forth to achieve plan.
Separation doesn’t need to be expensive, hostile or bitter – Act 4 Tomorrow can help you make it easier, faster and fairer.  Talk to us to today and find a better way to separate.

Independent Legal Advice: Act 4 Tomorrow Separation programmes will require you to have a minimum of one meeting with either one of our recommended solicitors or one of your own choosing. You must seek this independent legal advice prior to any negotiations proceeding and any meeting with a solicitor will be at your own expense and is not covered by the cost of your programme. If you do not seek independent legal advice we reserve the right to terminate your programme.