How We Work With You


Our experienced team

Can help you

We work with you, to be clear, on what you want to do next.

– We work with you if you haven’t yet broken up we work out a plan, how to handle the break-up day, what to say, when and how.
– We guide you through your decisions step-by-step.
– We manage every aspect of a separation matter.
– We help you gather all the necessary financial information.
– We organise your solicitors appointment.
– We have the best solicitors as part of our network who will not escalate your matter.
– We are present with you at the solicitor appointment.
– We offer strategies, ideas and solutions to your problems.
– We are your support system.
– We take away the worry and offer support and action plans – with selling the home or refinance, valuations real estate/cars/boats/jewellery and so on, forensic accountants, financial advisors, the list is endless.
– We handle all communications with your ex-partner.
– We handle all communicate with your ex-partners lawyer if they have not engage out service.

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Get on with your life, put your separation and divorce behind you.

Get in contact with us to learn more on how we can help you.

We work with

Married, de facto + same sex couples

Specialising in:

  • The break-up strategy.
  • The separation process.
  • Private parenting plan.
  • Online divorce application.
  • Marking the decision to stay or leave.
  • Overcoming the fear of leaving.
  • Civil communications with ex-partner.
  • Working with allied professionals on your matter.
  • Working with collaborative solicitors for your best interest.
  • A better way to separate.

Managing the process, we guide you every step of the way.

Support person

We discuss what is happening right now and how to best handle your situation. Support you emotionally to move positively through the process and overcome overwhelm.

Provide an unbiased perspective and brainstorm alternative solutions and strategies.


Move you and your matter along in a timely manner. Keep you on task with gathering the necessary paperwork for this process. Preparation and presentation of relevant information for your independent legal advice meeting. Organise and work collaboratively with any other professionals required to keep your matter progressing in a timely manner. Organise meetings and work collaboratively with all other legal professionals involved in your matter.

Go Between

Assist with back and forth communications between you and your ex-partner and/or assist you with your responses. Work with you on your responses to any emails, letters or text messages you receive in relation to your matter.

Co-operative liaison with the legal fraternity

Whilst we prefer to work with our own handpicked independent legal firms who will not escalate your matter. Who work collaboratively with each other and our clients to achieve out of court settlements in a swift and timely manner. Who offer set fee and reduced rates for our mutual clients. We will liaise and work collaboratively with a lawyer of your choice if you so wish.


We have an administration support team to assist you when it comes time to apply for your divorce. Yes, you can do this yourself. However, it is not always as easy or straightforward as one would hope when navigating through a Government website.

Children Matters

Act4Tomorrow’s thoughts on children matters is ‘children first’. Keeping things simple and flexible will help everyone down the track. We like to have an interim structure in place almost immediately so that everyone can get back into routine. In our experience an interim plan for the first month or two will help to reduce the initial conflict whilst you and your ex-partner work on a more, longer-term solution.

Our philosophy

There is always a way to resolve a problem and remain amicable whilst negotiating.

We believe that for most people, if they are provided with unbiased information and the education of the system they will make sensible, realistic decisions to avoid further conflict and reach an outcome as quickly as possible. We understand how difficult it can be to have effective communication between a couple during a break-up. It’s a very emotional time and that is why we prefer to handle all the back and forth communication regarding the separation, and when required assist both parents to work together to navigate the shared care of their children. We have like-minded solicitors who work collaboratively with our clients to keep their matter contained. Our objective is to move our clients through the separation and divorce as smoothly, quickly and amicably as possible by managing the emotional journey and the entire process.