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We work with you, to be clear, on what you want to do next.

Having the clarity on whether to stay in relationship or not can be extremely challenging. Practical complexities with family, finances, assets, living arrangements are compounded with personal and emotional fears and concerns. These things will often keep you stuck where you are, unable to make a decision and move forward, be it with or without your partner.

Our Clarity Programme is designed to assist you to come to the decision on whether there is hope to work on your relationship or make a clear decision that you would like to know how to end your relationship respectfully and amicably.


4 session programme

2 Session Programme includes 2 extra contact points in-between sessions
The programme runs for 2 sessions, however often clarity is reached within the first session.

The Clarity Programme will question and draw from you, truthful, honest answers on how you feel today, what is going wrong for you within the relationship, if it is at all possible to work with your mindset and the behaviour of your partner to achieve a supportive, improved relationship.

If you decide to stay with your partner you can move onto the Relationship Programme together or continue to work with us on improving your relationship individually.

If you decide to leave your partner you, will finish the programme with clarity over your decision to leave, how and when you can practically work through the break-up stage of ending your relationship.

If necessary, you will be ready to move onto your Financial Separation, Divorce and Private Parenting Plan* (if applicable).

All sessions will include practical solutions, mindset, positive thinking, brainstorming, future outcome, what if’s and what is.

In our experience our Clarity clients already know what they would like to do, they just don’t know a way forward. In these cases, we move them from Clarity into the appropriate programme.

The Clarity Programme includes

  • Current situation and relationship – activate the listening process with activities at home
  • What is making you unsure about leaving the relationship – activate the observation process with activities within the session
  • What a healthy productive relationship is for you – activate analysis of desired relationship
  • Discussion on personal goals, past relationships, your partner and you
  • Monitoring current situation and relationship
  • Planning and long term outcome
  • The Decision – clarity
  • Staying – how to move forward with your partner
  • Leaving – break-up next steps

The programme can also include:

  • Self-development and how you would like to see yourself
  • Social groups and leisure
  • Work life and career
  • Well-being and health,
  • Financial situation and money mindse
  • Family
  • New relationships
  • Prenuptial agreement

If you’re having difficulties either making a decision or sticking to a decision about what you want from your relationship, talk to us today and find out how achieving clarity about your relationship will help you make the decisions you need to move forward in life.