Who’s Afraid of Change?

July 31, 2018

At different times of our lives we can fear CHANGE because being separated from people or things which are familiar brings uncertainty and trepidation.

A divorce can feel like one big scary life change, but only if you let it. Procrastinating the ‘change’ over years whilst running scenarios in your head increases your anxiety, sadness, frustration and fear. When you’re not happy it often brings other problems into your life which include health issues, decreased work productivity and dysfunction in the home for all family members.

If someone were to come along who answered all your separation questions, explained what happens next, brainstormed your decision whether to leave or stay, made a plan with you from any stage you’re currently in, stepped you through the entire process so you didn’t feel so overwhelmed, and finally kept the costs to a minimum compared to a lawyer verses lawyer process, would you leave?

“I can’t leave I have no money and don’t have a job” 42-year-old mother of 2

“Marriage isn’t always happy, we made vows, I have to keep trying, don’t I?” 53 year old lady.

“I am sick of this marriage but I’m too old to bother leaving now” 65-year-old granddad.

“If I leave my church will disown me and my family will be ashamed of what I have done” 53-year-old mother and grandmother of 3

“I am scared to tell him its over, he will be so angry” 46-year old mother of 3

“I have to stay until my children finish school” 38-year old father of 2

“It’s too difficult to leave, I’ll just stay’ 75-year old grandma

These are a few of the excuses/reasons we have heard from people like you who have now separated successfully, who have moved out of unhealthy relationships and onto positive happy new lives.

My business, Act4Tomorrow Separation Specialists, was created because I was someone who didn’t know how to face my separation change and spent a small fortune on legal fees. We have been assisting individuals and couples nationwide for over 4 years. We manage the entire break-up and have a network of the best people to call upon for you, including financial advisers, mortgage brokers, real estate agents etc., and of course three of the best lawyers you could wish to meet who will not escalate your matter. We will help you to bring that change you know you want to make calmly, respectfully and whilst saving you literally tens of thousands of dollars that other people are spending on their divorce and separation.