Valentine’s Day or Not

February 11, 2020

Have a thought for the thousands of couples who only yesterday were celebrating Valentine’s Day but today see the ‘romantic’ day as a direct blow to their broken heart, because one or both have decided that the love has died. It is time to break-up.

Between Christmas, New Years and Valentine’s Day, the number of break-ups rise, then things settle down again by the time Easter arrives. The Christmas break puts added pressure on relationships already under strain, New Years is a reminder that another year has passed and a sad or bad relationship has not improved and finally Valentine’s Day is a big reminder that the romance left a while ago.

Couples seeking support and help on how to achieve an amicable break-up these days have many alternatives than running straight to a lawyer. Much of the information they require to ‘DIY’ their own financial, children and divorce matter is available online, engaging a Separations Specialist or Mediator who will help guide, organise and keep things civil. This option is being taken up by many.

You may not be able to go out to dinner on Valentine’s Day with a loved one but why not celebrate Ex’s day on April 14th 2020. Actually, you can go out on your own, power to the singles!