We Stopped When It Wasn’t Fun Anymore

April 20, 2017

‘We Stopped When It Wasn’t Fun Anymore’ – A close friend of mine said that was why they ended their relationship. What a fabulous, clean cut way to live; valuing your self-worth and achieving the ultimate goal of living a positive, happy life by participating only if the enjoyment is still present.

Why do most people wait way past the expiry date of ‘it wasn’t fun anymore’, before ending something which is negatively impacting their lives. They wait until a situation becomes toxic and damaging before they make the call to say it is over. I think, for most of us, we have been told that ‘you have to work at it’, whatever ‘it’ is, then led to believe that if one doesn’t try, we have somehow failed.

The ‘we stopped when it wasn’t fun anymore’ sentence comes under the category of ‘keep it simple stupid’. I like it, do you?

If we applied this way of thinking to all aspects of our life, we would keep the drama at bay. Life would be simple and uncomplicated. Employment, sport, relationships, the list is endless. We would always be participating in activities we enjoy, being fully committed and engaged, as well as happy and productive, not just for ourselves but also for those around us.