The One Stop Shop

July 31, 2018

Unless you have actually been in the situation of a separation and divorce it is not truly impossible to fully understand how completely distressing, overwhelming and literally soul destroying this time in one’s life can be.

Family and friends try and support you but often their best intentions of support simply fuel the animosity.

Although everyone’s situation is personal and individual the system is not different for the individual. Therefore, if you understand where your situation fits within the Family Law system you will be in a better position to negotiate, make decisions regarding your settlement and minimise the ongoing and often unnecessary fight.

How do you work out a deal with an unreasonable ex? How do you keep your own emotions under control during these emotive times? How do you find out what other options could be available? How do you work through your separation and still get through the normal day to day routine of work, children, home-life, money etc.?

This is where Act4Tomorrow is with you every step of the way. The One Stop Shop.

“I started my company Act4Tomorrow because I have walked in the shoes of a bitter 2-year financial settlement which ended in trial. I learned that much of the animosity could and should have been avoided, if only someone had been there to guide myself and my ex-husband. How a family is divided and torn apart, which makes future family events uncomfortable for all involved. I also learned that knowledge of the system and being flexible with your desired outcome is the key to negotiating a fair deal. If breaking up is inevitable then doing it quickly, reasonably and the most cost-effective way surely makes sense to everyone.”

“The company was established to help individuals or couples from break-up and throughout the entire separation process. We look at various ways to solve all problems associated with a separation. From living under the same roof, moving out, bank accounts to negotiating the property and children matters until an agreement is reached. Our aim is to achieve this in as much as possible civil and respectful manner.”