When Love Goes Wrong

July 31, 2018

Going through separation and divorce is stressful and can cost a small fortune.  Finally, there is a dedicated company and a small group of lawyers offering a better solution. Acting in cooperation with professional, independent law firms, Act4Tomorrow provides you with a fully supported separation service – and all for a set fee.

The company is the dream of Alvia Turney, who, after her own turbulent and exorbitantly expensive divorce, felt that the system didn’t work effectively whilst simultaneously increased animosity and unnecessary financial hardship. Determined to create a new platform to help others avoid the same experience, the one- stop shop approach helps minimize the costs and emotional fall-out suffered by those going through a break-up and divorce.

Alvia believes that half the battle in coping with the experience is being informed about the system, what it will cost and being able to communicate effectively with your now ex-partner.  The result is Act4Tomorrow separation specialists.

Experts in their field, the team at Act4Tomorrow provided a one stop shop from how to break-up, finances, refinance, support during legal appointments, brainstorming alternative ways to resolve issues which arise until you have a settlement. With them handling all the back and forth day to day messy stuff, the emotional toil is lessened. It helps individuals feel in control and empowered to make sensible decisions and move out of the separation months faster than the traditional lawyer verses lawyer approach.

And here’s the clever part, Act4Tomorrow clients have access to like-minded legal experts with years of experience who do not want to escalate your matter to litigation and who provide costs up front, so you know where you stand, while keeping your legal spend to a minimum.

“Establishing my business has not been an easy path, in the beginning, I wasn’t well received by some family lawyers, but I was determined not to give up” says Alvia. “Now that three independent law firms and ourselves have established a positive working platform, our clients are certainly benefiting, we all work together for the best interest of the clients.

Tracy Price, who is a Senior Associate Solicitor specialising in family law with Griffiths Parry Lawyers + Notary states “I quickly discovered that the Act4Tomorrow organisation offered services that filled a unique gap in the family law industry”.

Louise Ward, Director at LAW Legal Practice agrees.  “It is a pleasure to work with an effective team to respectfully deliver out of court settlements and valuable support for individuals and couples.  It’s almost unheard of in this industry”.

Rob Hollis is Senior Family Law Solicitor & Associate Director at Greenhalgh Pickard Solicitors & Accountants.   Rob is the male family law solicitor in the group and ideally placed to assist those clients who felt there was a female bias ‘in the system’ or who would prefer to deal with a male.  “Court is, in my view, should be the last resort in family law matters. I’m pleased to participate in appropriate out of court structures that promote settlement. If everybody involved, lawyers and parties alike, are committed to an ‘out of court’ settlement, it should be possible.”

Act4Tomorrow offers a free initial consultation to new clients.  Your situation is assessed by people who genuinely care to move you out of a separation and divorce quickly.

If you or someone you know could benefit from this worthwhile service contact Act4Tomorrow today – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.