Life Is Meant To Be Fun

July 31, 2018

When I was asked to write an article relating to FUN, I looked at my separation business and considered that living in an unhappy family situation impacts directly on everyone’s ability to have fun.

My name is Alvia Turney, and my business Act4Tomorrow Separations Specialists is not an advocate for separation, it is an advocate for living your life with someone you love and who loves you. The business advocates living your life with fun, and how can you do that if you are sad and wishing you were somewhere else?

I can honestly say now that I am out of my ‘un-fun’ relationship, I wake up happy every day feeling joy and having fun. Of course, I have busy and frustrating days, but it feels so good to be in the right place, with the right people around me.

I would like to share a little about the ethos of Act4Tomorrow Separation Specialists and the three lawyers we work alongside, Tracy Price (Griffiths Parry Lawyers), Louise Ward (LAW Legal) and Rob Hollis (Greenhalgh Pickard). We all share the same common goal of treating our clients in the manner we would wish to be treated ourselves, if we were in their shoes. We want our clients to have fun today, tomorrow and every day, for themselves and their family.

Act4Tomorrow was created after my own negative and exorbitantly priced separation and divorce. Once I saw how it could be avoided, by using a simple step by step managed process, I created the platform for others to avoid the high costs of litigation and the emotional turmoil and so they could separate a better way.

You may not feel like it’s much fun during your separation but, with our team approach, the stress and anxiety will certainly be reduced. Working with us you will move through the process as smoothly and quickly as possible, towards a future where you can have fun again.

Testimonial from one of our Queensland clients:

How I got back to having fun

“My separation and pending divorce, like most people’s, has been the most difficult time of my life. With so much to be sorted there was a need to communicate, but I for one was not able to cope with being in contact with my ex at a time when I really needed to be closing that door and getting used to life without him.

“Act4Tomorrow provided the bridge that ended the emotionally-charged banter that had become more than I could cope with. I didn’t know it was possible to have one company work unbiasedly for both of us.

“Working with this professional team made things so much easier. They offered clear, balanced problem-solving that made me feel like I was able to regain a bit of control and understand my rights and entitlements. Their separation service allowed me to move through the legal process with the assistance of their wonderful independent solicitors, for a reasonable cost. They even handled providing me with the right people for real estate and refinance.

“Now I can live with the peace of mind that I stood up for myself, received a fair settlement and I can look forward to the next chapter. I finally feel I can have fun again.”