It’s Mine

June 13, 2017

It’s Mine

“It’s mine” are two words which come up during many separation discussions.  It is funny how (but not really) once the conversation of saying it is over, yesterday’s thoughts of ‘together’ and ‘we are one’ evaporate in an instance. It is fascinating to see how many seemingly fair, rational, caring people suddenly revert to a toddler’s mindset, with the same determination, when they demand ‘it’s mine’.

When a relationship starts, we share everything, our secrets, our families, our ups and downs, ourselves and our stuff. Once the union has been labelled a relationship the mine and the yours becomes ours! Dependant on how long the relationship lasts and what you or the other person brought into the relationship financially right at the start will have a bearing on how the family law guidelines determines how much of its mine stays mine and how much is ours when you decide to break-up.

The negative stigma regarding being a divorcee has each year lessened since the Second World War. There is a greater acceptance that separating unhappy couples and unhappy households, which impact on the children in so many negative ways, is seen as a good and positive decision.

Divorce and separation has never been easier than it is for our generation and yet emotionally we still manage to drag the matter to the lowest ebb by bickering over stuff that is mine. The family law guidelines are not complicated, everyone can easily workout and see for themselves where they fit within the framework, however this information is not yet common knowledge.

Information is power, thanks to the internet we are wising-up on many subjects which were often hidden from us for legal or by hierarchy powers.  Let us therefore hope that the accepting trend of divorce and separation in our society will soon be coupled with the knowledge of the family law criteria guidelines and we will see less and less individuals traipsing down the legal path with wallet in hand fighting for mine, in place trading up for a straight forward step through process.

As the information is already out there, the simpler platform to divorce and separation is already here right now. It is just a matter of time before it becomes the norm replacing the traditional lawyer verses lawyer family law approach. Time has proven that once the people decide a whole industry can be transformed.

Sharing and dividing what we think is mine has never been simpler, you can move on to your separated lives without adding any more pain to a bad situation, get out of the situation in a matter of weeks.  The added bonus is it does save spending thousands and thousands of dollars on unnecessary court costs.

Act4Tomorrow – A better way to separate – with us your ‘mine’ is back in your pocket sooner rather than later!