Industry Disrupter

July 31, 2018

The latest buzz word for companies who are working for a positive change in long-established industries for the betterment of the people are called INDUSTRY DISRUPTERS. I recently took a business trip to Sydney and am extremely proud to say that Act4Tomorrow Separation Specialists have been named an Industry Disrupter.

I was positively and graciously received by an audience of Sydney solicitors and was asked by two of the larger Sydney based firms to return to talk business! Finally, I feel, my business venture has been received by the legal fraternity as an opportunity to improve the often-negative environment of separation and divorce to one which could reduce the time, money spend and angst for individuals and their families.  What this means for my business is that the positive change we are aiming to achieve for separating couples throughout our country has the potential to become a reality.

Other companies who have been labeled Industry Disrupters are Uber, Air BNB, AMAZON and YouTube

If you have not heard of Act4Tomorrow Separation Specialists, I started the company in 2013, after my own negative, protracted and extortionately priced separation experience. At Act4Tomorrow, we work with individuals and couples throughout Australia who are separating and divorcing, managing the entire process to reduce the emotional impact on themselves and their families and without paying a small fortune for the process.

Who are our clients?

  • Individuals who have not yet separated (or are perhaps unsure whether to stay or leave)
  • One party (or both) who have decided it is over but are unsure how to proceed
  • Couples who are amicable and would like to move as quickly and smoothly through the process to avoid having their matter escalate by outside forces
  • Couples who are knowledgeable regarding their finances and require a minimum amount of assistance to bring their settlement to fruition

What exactly do we do and why you should come to us first?              

We work with you to formulate a plan of what needs to be achieved, starting with your break-up if necessary, who needs to be involved and how to make it all happen. We literally manage the entire process to reduce your likely overwhelming feelings, walk you through the process, handle communications back and forth between you and your ex-partner and introduce you to solicitors who will work collaboratively to move your matter to resolution. We have also created a positive group from other industries who you may need to call upon which include mortgage brokers, valuers, forensic accountants, real estate agents, solicitors, insurance brokers, psychologists etc. We are a One-Stop-Shop and our objective is to move you through this process as smoothly as possible, taking into consideration your emotional circumstance, whilst saving you unnecessary court costs.

Our dream is to be recognised as the go to people when considering or going through a separation and divorce, and for couples to use the service together to achieve an in and out divorce process.

The positives of getting through a break-up quickly and amicably – apart from saving you tens of thousands of dollars – is in reducing the personal emotional cost on you, your family and the positive impact it has for sharing future family events.