Are You Ignoring What Is Right In Front of You?

July 31, 2018

Are you pretending that your relationship is not that bad? How good is it? 50% good and 50% bad? or is it better or worse? Do you dread going home? Are you ignoring what is right in front of you?

At Act4Tomorrow Separation Specialists, we hear of couples who say ‘it was over many, many years before one of them finally called it off’.  Sleeping in separate rooms or back to back with no intimacy, feeling sad and low. Others say they bickered and argued for years, tried counselling over and over again only to find themselves slipping back into their old negative patterns of behavior.

Answer the following questions below. If you answer NO more than three times… Hmmmm, I think you are ignoring what is right in front of you.

  1. Do you still find you partner attractive?
  2. If you met your partner today, would you pick them to live with for the rest of your life?
  3. Do you bicker and argue less than twice a week?
  4. Do you ever have a month free of arguing?
  5. Do you share intimacy out of love?
  6. Would you wish your relationship upon one of your children or close friends?
  7. Are you proud to be seen with your partner?
  8. Do you hold hands and joke in public?
  9. Is your partner just right the way they are?
  10. Are you happy living where you do?
  11. Do you want to plan a trip away with just you and your partner?
  12. Do you want to spend the next 20-40 years with your partner?

You don’t have to fight your way through a separation, as so many do. It isn’t mandatory to argue and bicker, it is simply a process, which you can work though respectfully and quickly? If you decide to go through your break-up amicably, you will save yourself and your ex-partner emotionally and financially. It is understandable to feel the change to come is daunting and scary. However, if properly managed and you are shown the way through your separation, the journey will not be half as bad as you think it will be. Over 100,000+ people in Australia separate every year, ask them if they wished they had stayed in an unhappy relationship.

My own personal negative separation experience is what spurred me to create a company which is bringing positive change to the traditional lawyer verses lawyer industry. We are here to assist you, or you and your partner, to walk through your relationship break-up. We manage the entire process step by step, we even have collaborative relationships with like-minded solicitors who won’t escalate your matter. We save you tens of thousands of dollars and help you through the emotional mayhem, communicating between you both to reduce the animosity as you go. The result is a divorce and separation that is faster, easier and cheaper.

“We manage the entire process for you at a fraction of the cost. We are a new concept away from the traditional lawyer versus lawyer approach.” Alvia Turney, CEO & Founder of Act4Tomorrow