If Your House Was On Fire

July 31, 2018

If your house was on fire, would you pour petrol on the fire to put it out? No, of course not!

Throwing a courtroom drama into the mix of a separation can have the same effect as petrol to fire.

Consider these two options: –

  1. Avoid paying high legal costs, with a fixed fee service and negotiate a settlement based on what you are legally entitled to without going to court. Work with a team dedicated to solution solving all your separation problems, at a fraction of the traditional lawyer verses lawyer approach and reach a settlement between 4 weeks to 4 months.


  1. Hand over your case to a lawyer who promises to win your case and make the other side compensate. Pay thousands and thousands of dollars whilst your break-up nightmare continues for the next 1 – 2 years or more, and you may not even achieve what you believed you would at court.

Mediation, negotiation, litigation so many ‘tion’ words, and what do they all mean in your divorce and separation? When breaking-up is happening the tension, fear, unknown landscape of what to do and what could happen coupled with what if this doesn’t or does happen, everything becomes a blur of ‘it’s all to hard’. Friends and family also throw in their opinion, experience and fears, into the mix of unknowns.

The good news is that divorce and separation can be a very simple process, it’s just made complicated when you don’t have the right information. Something I didn’t know until after spending tens of thousands of dollars to my lawyer and 2 years of my life in the courtroom drama was that my outcome was already predetermined right back at the beginning. ‘How could that be?’ I questioned all too late.

Although family law has many factors influencing the outcome of your matter. One factor that can have as much (or more) influence on the outcome of your case is the approach of your lawyer. Here at Act4Tomrrow, we have deliberately partnered with settlement focused lawyers who want to see their clients move forward as quickly and painlessly as possible – remember, not everyone in this industry wants to see that happen.

I started my business Act4Tomorrow Separation Specialists to help people avoid the traps of the divorce and separation industry. Four years and hundreds of clients later, working with three likeminded law firms, we give you the alternative to a courtroom drama. We move you to a settlement within weeks and at the same time, we handle all the nitty gritty daily issues between you and your partner as they arise.