Handling the Heartache When Things Turn Sour

July 31, 2018

It is estimated that today, one in three marriages in Australia will end in divorce, and that’s in addition to the many other types of relationship break-ups that occur on a daily basis. Generally, the experience is incredibly emotional, time-consuming and expensive.

Divorcing through the court process can take many months to conclude and can cost tens of thousands of dollars. The emotional cost on the couple, their children, and family members is immeasurable.

But after going through the process herself, businesswoman Alvia Turney has established an alternative solution – Act4Tomorrow – which she hopes will one day be known throughout Australia as a better way to separate.

Alvia’s life was turned upside down in 2001 when she found herself on the separation rollercoaster, experiencing the emotional trauma first-hand.

Heartbroken and unable to think clearly, she followed the advice of well-meaning family and friends to seek legal representation. Two years and tens of thousands of dollars later, her divorce and property settlement were finalised, and she was emotionally and physically exhausted.

‘I just didn’t want anyone else to go through the negative experience, it appeared that no one involved wanted to keep the situation fair and civil, there was no one out there who managed the entire matter for you’ said Alvia.

As separation specialists, Act4Tomorrow offer a range of services to help couples end their relationship as amicably as possible to move on with their lives saving time, money and much of the emotional stress.

‘We manage the entire process for an individual or a couple, to communicate and navigate through the break – up process. Literally from how you handle saying goodbye to somebody, to working through a plan to move forward on all matters, gathering financial information so you are fully able to think clearly when you sit with one of our independent lawyers who work with Act4Tomorrow’.

Act4Tomorrow provides and promotes a platform of respect throughout the entire process. You only need to read a handful of testimonials on their website to get an understanding of the level of support they provide.

Alvia advises clients to come sooner than later in the process and prior to breaking up will go a long way in helping have the whole process properly managed.

When separating through the courts, costs mount up quickly, into the tens of thousands of dollars for each person. Just ask anyone who has been through this process. Act4Tomorrow has set fees so the client knows what to expect.

The business collaborates alongside a team of independent solicitors, so that the legal issues are properly dealt with, along with all the logistical, practical and emotional issues of your break-up.

Alvia believes that the way in which the separation is handled can drastically affect how a couple treat each other in the future. And if they have children, this is vitally important.

‘All the couples we have worked with went through the process quickly and have moved on with their lives.’

Act4Tomorrow assists Australians throughout Australia and Australians residing overseas. They offer a personalised free consultation, to give clients an overview of what to expect during the process.

While everybody dreams of a happy ending, things do go wrong. And when they do, you can now go to a company who will project manage all aspects of your separation, gathering and collating your financial information, refinancing, real estate, valuations anything separation, whilst supporting your emotional overwhelm and handle all communications/negotiations between you and your ex-partner.