Easy Come Easy Go

July 31, 2018

Surely it would be better if couples adopted the saying ‘easy come easy go’ during their relationship break-up. If separation is going to happen, having a more ‘easy go’ attitude during the process will reduce the time in emotional heartache, animosity and consequently the financial spend.

If children are involved, you will be giving them a positive example of how to handle change respectfully and productively.  Move on without destroying the other parent to maintain a caring environment, so all parties can attend future family events together. Sharing care amicably reduces the amount of emotional impact the separation has on the children.

It doesn’t make sense to add more pain to an already painful separation with a court room drama, angry words and fighting over ‘stuff’ which in a few years down the track we often end up throwing out. This is simultaneously coupled with immersing our children in bad behavior to another person and wonder why they end up with behavioral problems down the track.

When family and friends try to support you, they may not be impartial and sometimes they can fuel the confusion and angst.

“It wasn’t until after my own turbulent, negative and expensive separation experience did I discover that the angry process is all totally avoidable, I just wasn’t shown how at the time.” Says Alvia Turney, CEO Act4Tomorrow Separation Specialists.

When you have a health problem you see a medical specialist, for building a property you use a qualified builder and so on. So why wouldn’t you see a separation specialist for your break-up? A company who works impartially with individuals and couples, handling the back and forth communication between parties to come to an agreement as smoothly and efficiently as possible, whilst supporting you emotionally.  Act4Tomorrow has established working relationships with allied legal professionals who have the same desire to find you a timely resolution, to benefit you and your family financially.

” It is my passion to provide a better way to separate all around Australia. To save individuals and their families the destructive impact which time spent in legal battles and the high costs associated has on them during a relationship breakdown. I started my company Act4Tomorrow Separations Specialists, because I have walked in the shoes of a bitter two-year financial settlement which ended in trial. I learned how a family is divided and torn apart, which makes future family events uncomfortable for everyone. I felt there was no one available who had my best interests at heart or even wanted to keep our matter fair and civil. There still is no one who literally manages your entire matter, communicating directly with both parties whilst remaining impartial…until now.”

Alvia Turney, CEO & Founder Act4Tomorrow