Breaking Up Doesn’t Have to Break You

July 31, 2018

Breaking up is painful even if you are the one initiating the break-up.

Many people say that the thought of the actual break-up was one of their biggest fears, what to say, how to say it and when, feeling bad for hurting the other party or your children.

Fear of what might happen when you initiate a break-up coupled with your fears of finance, living arrangements and many more, can often hold you back from saying ‘it is over’.

Putting off the inevitable certainly doesn’t make things better or easier down the track. If you had a list of what needs to take place for the separation to run smoothly, it would help enormously to reduce the fear factor but also aid you and your ex-partner toward a more amicable ending to your relationship.

When the news hits you that your partner has called it off or if you are the one asking for a separation the unknown regarding property, debt and where you sit regarding a fair split can be very daunting.

Organising and gathering the relevant information prior to a legal assessment will save you time and money.

Knowing when to change pin numbers and passwords, securing bank accounts or re-draws, the list is endless and can seem overwhelming.

Act4Tomorrow is a totally new concept and is setting a precedence for the separation industry. We are a positive alternative to the traditional lawyer verses lawyer method. We manage your entire separation, from break-up, gathering and collating all documents necessary to legal documentation. We work with an individual or a couple, tirelessly communicating back and forth to keep the lines of negotiation open and civil until an agreement is reached. Our independent lawyers provide all your legal advice from the outset and legal paperwork at the end. Secondly, we are saving our clients tens of thousands of dollars on unnecessary court costs, our method it is a fraction of the cost paid to litigate.

More and more couples are engaging our service ‘together’, we have created a ‘fast track programme’ which sees their matter concluded around 6 weeks, a timeframe unheard of in this industry. Our one stop shop method which can include mortgage brokers, real estate, business valuations and more sees your matter smoothly to conclusion in no time.

We take seriously supporting our clients and their family emotionally, working sensitively to step them through the process whilst reducing the overwhelm and animosity. Giving hope for the family to maintain a good relationship into the future, which if children are involved will certainly assist when co-parenting.

“I used to joke saying ‘don’t use your lawyer as your counsellor’ because of their professional hourly rate, however the cost is no joke when you are the one paying the bill. Act4Tomorrow the ‘One-Stop- Shop’ manages every aspect of your separation to legal paperwork with our independent lawyers to save you emotionally and financially.”

Don’t let separating break you emotionally or financially!