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About Act 4 Tomorrow

Act4Tomorrow Separation Specialists

Act4Tomorrow is a niche team and we are leading the change in providing a recognised alternative to lawyer verses lawyer approach with a fully managed break-up and divorce service to benefit the client.

We care and understand the emotional stress a separation brings to the individual, couple and family. Our positive mindset philosophy and future focused approach throughout our engagement provides a strong support system unheard of in this industry.

What we do is provide a fully managed process which steps you from break-up, if this has not yet occurred, to a legal settlement for a set fee price. We are solution driven and will brainstorm any, and all separation problems.

We can work with one party, however our point of difference is we can work with both parties unbiasedly to reach a settlement between 4 weeks to 4 months. In place of 12 months – 2 years plus, plus. Our method has been tried and tested since 2013 working successfully with hundreds of clients.

We can boast an established and outstanding team approach with stakeholders who we trust to cater for all our clients needs. Law firms with the same ethos as ourselves, mortgage brokers, accountants, forensic accountants, valuers, real estate, etc. All the people we work alongside understand the importance to move our clients from separation to settlement as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

Our clients are never alone at any point during this stressful and often tumultuous emotional period in their life, we are always a phone call away. Guided through a break-up with a qualified team who care, you will feel at ease, we will show you how to move on and out of the situation, our work is priceless ask anyone who has been through it.

Get on with your life, put your separation and divorce behind you, call me and my team to learn more on how we can help you. 1300 Act4Tom (1300 228486) info@act4tomorrow.


Our Vision: 

  • Act 4 Tomorrow is a pioneer and leader in the development and initiation of equitable, litigation free dispute resolutions and self-negotiated property settlement solutions for people considering, or in the process of, separation.
  • A platform where the entire process is managed by one entity to facilitate a cost-effective service that also emotionally supports for the benefit of the client.

Our Mission:

  • To provide information, management and education for the entire separation process. We support individuals and or couples and their families, from making the decision to break-up through to the legal paperwork.
  • To assist our clients in quickly re-building their lives with confidence, certainty and purpose after separation by promoting and facilitating equitable and respectful out of Court negotiations, dispute resolutions and settlements.
  • We foster goodwill, family interests, dignity and self-worth to develop clarity and confidence in negotiating positive outcomes for their future and avoiding protracted, costly, and unnecessary legal expenses.

Our Belief:
Always Another Alternative
Act 4 Tomorrow is passionate about equity and believes there is always another alternative, another way and yet another way to  reach a win/win for all parties.

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