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Going through a separation and divorce can be a highly emotional and costly time for everyone involved; many choose to stay unhappily in a relationship just to avoid it all.

Act4Tomorrow Separation Specialists are also Accredited Mediators, we problem solve and manage all areas associated with separation. Make the decision to stay or leave, how to break-up, all back and forth communications with ex-partners, preparation of your finances, negotiating with your ex-partner, your support person, facilitating legal advice and legal documentation and emotional support. We will handle everything with you and step you through each stage of the process.

Financial Separation, Divorce, Private Parenting Plans, Mediation, and how-to Break-up.

“Although in Australia you do not have to engage a lawyer for divorce and financial separation, I personally recommend knowing where you sit legally before negotiating with your ex-partner. We work with you to see the benefit of coming to an agreement without the use of a lawyer verses lawyer approach which avoids the expensive and protracted drama which creates unnecessary legal fees. It’s actually a very straightforward process once you obtain your independent legal advice, you just need someone to show you how” – CEO Alvia Turney.

We offer a set fee price, no hidden costs, no extras, no ticking hourly rate on the clock, every appointment, email, text and negotiation are included.

We can work with you on your own, however if you both work with us the process time and costs can be minimised.

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We help you with

We help you avoid

Hear it from our clients

What situation are you in?

We want to divorce amicably

  • We know how we want to share things
  • We don’t want high solicitor costs
  • We want this done quickly

How we can help...

We can't do this together

  • I need someone who will listen to me
  • I can’t discuss anything with him/her
  • I want what is fair

How we can help...

Should I stay or leave?

  • How do I make this decision?
  • How hard will it be to separate?
  • How do I move forward from here?

How we can help...

Our clients are couples & individuals who

  • All ages, gender, same sex throughout Australia
  • Australians residing overseas
  • May not be sure they want to leave
  • May not yet have the courage to leave
  • Want help with how to break-up and the steps which to follow
  • Have been told by their partner it is over
  • Have told their partner it is over
  • Are already in the legal system and finding their matter is not moving forward and costs are escalating
  • Want to break up amicably
  • Have a plan and are afraid things might escalate if they are in the legal system
  • Need assistance with their on-line divorce application
  • Need assistance with a child custody Private Parenting Plan
  • Don’t want to waste money arguing and paying high court fees
  • Want to avoid court
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Act 4 Tomorrow is a pioneer and leader in the development and initiation of equitable, litigation free dispute resolutions for people considering, or in the process of, separation. Our e-books will help you to take the first step in getting your life back on track.

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  • Fed up of being stuck in a rut?
  • Have no idea how to get started?
  • Wish you had a plan?
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Should I Stay or Should I Go

  • What is stopping you from making a clear decision to leave?
  • Are your friends getting tired of listening to your story again and again?
  • How long have you been in this dilemma? Days, weeks, months, years?
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What our clients say

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The support and kindness I was shown was amazing. My Consultant Karen made me feel in control of my future and gave me the necessary advice that has now given me an opportunity to finalise my separation and move forward in a positive manner…

Ms A, Queensland February 1, 2017

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The programme helped me work out a plan I could put into action. Even though there would be obstacles to overcome, through our meetings and the programme she set for me I realised that in time these obstacles were worked through to get the results I desired…

Ms R, Perth February 1, 2017

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Act4Tomorrow are all about quality of life through the most challenging time in your life! Thank you Act4Tomorrow for giving me life during and after divorce!…

Ms H, Sunshine Coast February 1, 2017

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I have found it very successful and rewarding. It has made me feel in control of all the issues and when we developed a plan, which once in place, made it much easier to see a positive outcome in the future…

Mr P, Perth February 1, 2017

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