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About Act 4 Tomorrow

Alvia Turney CEO of Act 4 Tomorrow

“You can’t truly empathise with a person’s experience until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.”

The company passion, some may say obsession, is to provide ‘A Better Way To Separate’ for everyone separating throughout Australia.

Act4Tomorrow Separation Specialists have been described as an industry disputer I am proud to say.

I started the company in 2013, after my own negative, protracted and extortionately priced separation experience. We work with individuals and couples throughout Australia who are separating and divorcing, managing the entire process, brainstorming options, emotional support, handle communications with the ex-partner all at a fraction of the cost of the traditional lawyer verses lawyer approach with our set fee charges.

My dream is to be recognised as the go to people when considering or going through a separation and divorce in Australia and beyond.

Our objective is to avoid litigation, save costs and move on to a new life as smoothly as possible.

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Vision Statement:
Act 4 Tomorrow is a pioneer and leader in the development and initiation of equitable, litigation free dispute resolutions and self-negotiated property settlement solutions for people considering, or in the process of, separation.

Mission Statement:
To assist our clients in quickly re-building their lives with confidence, certainty and purpose after separation by promoting and facilitating equitable and respectful out of Court negotiations, dispute resolutions and settlements. We foster goodwill, family interests, dignity and self-worth to develop clarity and confidence in negotiating positive outcomes for their future and avoiding protracted, costly, and unnecessary legal expenses.

Our Belief:
Always Another Alternative
Act 4 Tomorrow is passionate about equity and believes there is always another alternative, another way and yet another way to  reach a win/win for all parties.